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December 3, 2013
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Elementary AU Entry: Ana Sophia Guaymuras Sanchez by LKeiko Elementary AU Entry: Ana Sophia Guaymuras Sanchez by LKeiko
Oh my gosh I finished her :iconlazycryplz: My entry for :iconaph-elementary:

Took me a while to complete but its done. And I still have two more entries to finish Really Sad 

I'm sorry that I drew a few extra panels. My imagination ran away with me ;w;


Beware of the Bulk-load Information Below~~


Name: Ana Sophia Guaymuras Sanchez

Nickname: Ana or Annita

Country: Honduras

Age: 19

Appearance: Your average mall dweller height (though a little smaller than most ;w; ), long unruly blackish-brownish spikey hair tied into a low ponytail, curvy toned body, mestizo colored skin, brown eyes and a B-almost-but-not-quite-C sized chest (so there is some hope :XD: )

Personality: purposefully acts like a ditzy air-head, intelligent, friendly, polite, chatty, has a mature way of thinking (except for romance), conservative yet open minded, very touchy (normal for her), very helpful, shy around those she thinks are cool and dreams about being a sexy fashionista.

            Strengths: can be very patient

            Weakness: is VERY poor and apparently lacks sex-appeal

            Likes: earning money, hanging and chatting with friends, soccer and telenovela’s

            Dislikes: threats against family and friends, bullies and a messy area

            Quirks: her hair is very spikey (the spikes are shaped like bananas) & looks like a uke shota when she cross dresses

            Talents: her cooking is AMAZING...

            Flaws: ...but she is lazy


-El Salvador (Ángel Salvador): He is the apple/baby brother (despite not being related) of her eyes (despite him being taller than her) and she simply adores him from afar (since he hates it when she glomps/hugs him). They were nearly inseparable since childhood but ever since a misunderstanding about her gender (among other things), he felt betrayed and their relationship had soured ever since. But despite some tension every now and then, they hang out together and Ana simply loves him with all her heart. She also doesn't mind being called Big Brother by him (which is what he used to call her but not anymore XD ).

-Guatemala (Iztalí): Though not related by blood Iztalí is Ana’s Big Brother and she’s known him since she was a baby. They get along very well and she likes to turn to him for advice since he knows her and life really well. They share the Mayan blood in their veins and though are generally close, Ana sometimes feels like she’s being watched from places unknown (that would be Iztalí watching from afar). Despite their quarrels here and there, the two are close, friendly and very nostalgic about their childhood.

-Cuba (Carlos): Ana originally didn't like and generally stayed away from him. But over time she began to see Carlos wasn't so bad and they later became friends. They now share a positive relationship.

- Colombia (Carmen): Ana admires Carmen for her natural and sensual air not only as a Latina but also as a woman. She really loves her strong character and most especially, her dancing. Ana considers Carmen her role model and loves that she (Carmen) still cares deeply for her aloof and distant Panamanian sibling. In other words, Carmen is the coolest.

- Venezuela (Elisa): Another bodacious bombshell that Ana wishes she had something in common with (besides being a females with long hair of Latin origin). Ana is always secretly awed and a smidge nervous around her but respects the girl and both are friendly and positive toward each other.

-Ecuador (Manuel): Ana envies him for having two amazing sisters but despite that they’re both friendly and polite toward each other. But when telenovela comes around, Manuel’s true inhibitions are revealed (despite his best efforts to resist) and Ana sympathizes with him.

-Fem!Portugal (Catarina): Ana simply adores Catarina for being a generous, pretty, pleasant and caring friend, most especially for letting her family and friends stay in the mall. She sometimes goes around looking for things to build (with Iztalí’s help of course) and eventually gives them as presents to Catarina.

- To the Other Central American Sibs – Ana loves her family deeply and gets along with almost everyone, some prickly personalities not included (that’s where her ditzy-ness comes in :XD: )



Oh, um…well…definitely not America; they’re homies (both AU and in APH) :la: 

But if I had to ship then definitely Canada  (it's my not-so-secret ship and history/relations supports them) :iconheplz:


I'm sorry :iconpapcryplz: let me just crawl back under my rock

APH-Elementary characters belong to ~melonstyle
Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador OC belongs to *Lady-Keiko-Sama
Cuba belongs to Himaruya Hidekaze
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X-I-L2048 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's cute! I love how she's constantly trying to be more feminine and girly, but everyone around her's either like "NO PLZ" or "TROLOLOL LET ME TELL YOU A THING." XD I really like her outfit, too.
LKeiko Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you~~!! :iconcblushplz: I'm glad its all visually pleasing :D

and you can't help but feel a bit sorry for her since Ana tries her hardest
X-I-L2048 Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :)

IKR? X'D Poor girl.
" you poor thing" 
Omg I lost it at that XDXDXD 
ah wonderful entry!!!! I love your honduras!!!
LKeiko Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ohmygosh thank you~~! ;w; That means a lot :iconasdfghplz:
aaah no problem dearie~ <3 I think shes very accurate and fabulous!~
LKeiko Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ohmygosh...let me just...:iconletmehugyouplz:
OHHH mYYY!!!!! Simplemente lo amo!!!!! XD El secreto de ser sexy : be born that way XD.......joking T-T 
LKeiko Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol :XD: Gracias! Y me siento mal por Ana porque si tiene une trabajo tremendo para ser sexy :iconheplz:
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