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APH: Honduras OC by LKeiko APH: Honduras OC by LKeiko


Country Information:

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Country name: Republic of Honduras {República de Honduras}
silver bullet Capital: Tegucigalpa
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Nation Age: 193 years since Independence from Spain, 191 years since Independence from Mexican Empire & 512 since Discovered
silver bulletBirthday: September 15th, 1821
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Languages: Spanish, English, Garifuna & Miskito
silver bullet Religion: Roman Catholic & Protestant
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Motto: Free, Sovereign and Independent {Libre, Soberana e Independiente}

Human Information:

silver bullet Human Name: Ana Sophia Guaymuras Sanchez
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Age: 18 - 19 {by appearance}
silver bullet Weight: 115 {52.1 kg}
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Height: 5'0' {152 cm} 


Honduras is a woman with many layers to her. She's generally really optimistic, bubbly and cheerful when around people and her friends, but leave her alone and she's mostly calm. Of course, she's been through a lot in her life and has endured a lot of hardships as well. Her self-esteem had taken a low hit and thus makes her very self-conscious about her appearance and abilities. But going through all that has made her very empathetic and understanding of others, even developing an intuitive instinct. Honduras likes being friendly towards people, especially when they're kind to her. She's also very passionate about her culture, heritage and especially football. She has a lot of energy and is very vivacious which makes very hard-working but sometimes she gets kind of lazy. She isn't afraid to be selfish but she knows when to tone it down, sometimes making it seem as if she were selfless even. 

Honduras is very loyal and family-oriented (which is why she one day dreams that all of Central America will be integrated into one big happy family). She's kind of a homebody and very practical as well, despite her dramatic and gossipy nature. Honduras is also very religious and conservative at heart, despite adopting new trends and siding with liberation and democracy and equality. But of course don't be fooled by her harmless look. Honduras is VERY resourceful and frucking clever as fruck. She knows how to manipulate people without incriminating herself, though she doesn't do it often since she considers it unkind. She's also known to be tough as nails, considering she's been in the military since the mid-1800s. When she has to "get the job done" she detaches herself from the situation and does her duty. Its not something she's proud of but must be done anyways. That's why she's always prepared for any emergency she may encounter. She's very hard to anger as she's used to so much and thus knows how to tolerate a lot of shit. But overall, Honduras means well and one day wishes to be like the countries she admires so much.


Ana Sophia is the very definition of Plain Latina. Her body is triangle shaped, with round hips, a small waist, flat tummy that becomes round around the womb and a size B-C chest. She posses small hands and feet, but funny enough sports proportioned facial features. She's actually pretty slim and slightly toned from all the exercise she used to do. Of course her body is by no means sultry but it is sensual with its small soft curves, only noticeable when you stare for a long time or see her get undressed.

Ana is also petite enough to climb on top of the counter to reach the upper cabinets. Her skin tone is a tanned mestizo color that allows her to walk around under the sun without sun block, sometimes getting smoked and looking shiny in the process though. Honduras's eyes are round and brown. It sometimes makes her face look baby-ish (girl has NO bone structure). Her hair is dark brown and VERY long, practically reaching her booty. Its VERY THICK AND VOLUMINOUS. Almost insanely so. Alfred once told her to grow it out, as she would look better that way and she did, but the maintenance for it is criminal (its supposed to represent the level of danger and violence in the land). That is why most of the time, being the lazy soul she is, she mostly puts her hair in a low ponytail. On rare occasions, she will stay inside for the day and brush it properly, using all the Honduran home recipes to tame unruly frizzy dry hair (not that they work).


Honduras is a land in Central America. Not only does it border Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize on the northern western section and have Nicaragua as a neighbor down south, but it also borders the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific Ocean. It is known as the second largest Central America republic. Honduras is a total area of just over 43,278 square miles (112,090 km), about the size of the state of Ohio or Pennsylvania. 

Honduras is known as both a mountainous terrain and a water-based land. The interior highlands is the most prominent feature of Honduras as it makes up for 80 percent of the land. Most of the mountains are made up of extinct volcanoes. Unfortunately the soil is poor since it lacks volcanic ash that the other Central American nations have. Luckily the valleys and slopes in between the mountains are used for farming. The mountains are shared with El Salvador, Guatemala and the northern portion of Nicaragua.

The Caribbean lowlands which consist of a lot of valleys and coastal plains is what many Hondurans refer to as the "The Coast" has always (and still is) been exploited by many foreign companies. It had been the birth place of Honduras's once famous Bananas too. The east and west side of the lowlands are mostly inhabited by banana plantations. Within the Caribbean lowlands there is also the famous Mosquitia cost that Honduras shares with Nicaragua, a dense untamed hot and humid jungle that still inhabit some indigenous people such as the Garifuna, Pech and Miskito Indians.

ISLANDS! Let's not forget about the famous Bay Islands now. They are Honduras's most attractive and popular tourist destination that many come far and wide to see. The three largest islands are the Roatan, Utila and Guanaja while the three smaller islands are Helene, Morat and Barbareta. There's also the famous biological reserve of Cayos Cochinos along with over 60 islets scattered about in the area. The Bay Islands are the tip of ancient underwater volcanoes.The famous Honduras Coral Reef is shared with Belize.

Source: Cultures of the World: Honduras by McGaffrey and Spilling 


Wow, where do I start...okay, let me do this in a nutshell...

silver bullet Pre-Colonial Honduras -

Honduras, back in the days, was made up of many indigenous tribes that have passed through to the North or South, some even settling down. It was kind of like the Melting Pot of Central America at the time, though the Mayans on the northern eastern portion of the land was most dominant around the 5th Century AD, with the Lenca coming into a close second. Copán had been the leading center for both astronomical studies, mathematics, and art at the time. And then, like magic, at the height of the Mayan civilization, Copán was abandoned, mostly by the royal rulers and high priest. Copán fell into ruin and the descendants of the Mayans who remained had no memory of the meanings of the inscriptions or of the reasons for the sudden fall. With no ruling authority it was easy for other indigenous tribes to try to take over the land. Because the groups were always hostile and always fighting with each other, the Spanish were able to take over the region by allying themselves with different groups until they gained the upper hand.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Discovering Honduras - 

Honduras first encountered the Spanish during Christopher Columbus's final 1502 voyage. It is said that he made contact with the indigenous nobility on the Bay Islands. After that he sailed past them and made contact with the mainland, setting foot in Punta Caxinas on August 14, 1502. He named the land "Honduras" which means "deep waters", referring to the bay off the north coast. It was later "officially" name Guaymuras but since Honduras had become the norm for everyone that name stuck and became permanent when Honduras later became Independent. Honduras was ignored for a while after that but when Hernandez Cortez came to Mexico, interest in Honduras was soon revived.

silver bullet Colonial Honduras - 

By the mid 1500s, after the defeat of Lempira and the death of many indigenous people via diseases, mistreatment and shipping to some Caribbean islands even, Honduras began to be a place of economic growth. The Spanish mined the mountains for gold/silver and used the land for agriculture. Honduras soon became apart of the "Captaincy General of Guatemala" where it remained so until it won their Independence from Spain. Around the 1560s though, gold and silver soon began to be scarce in the mining business and it wasn't long before Honduras's popularity declined and was abandoned to its own devices soon after, thought unimportant even by Spain.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Independence:

After having heard of colonies revolting, Honduras was soon inspired to do the same. Then when word of the American colonies declaring Independence from England followed by a feud between Spanish controlled Tegucigalpa and Honduran Comayaguras, Honduras declared Independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. Spain, already declining in power, gave Honduras as well as the other Central American colonies, their Independence. Because Honduran Comayaguras was most vocal, Honduras, along with the other CA countries, became apart of the Mexcian Empire. Unfortunately that only lasted a year tops and the Mexican Empire fell, leaving the CA and Honduras to become the United Provinces of Central American. Though that failed, Honduras never stopped believing in uniting all of Central America together (seriously man, Honduras tried SO hard to get them all together). Even national hero and much beloved by all Hondurans, Francisco Morazán (nicknamed the "George Washington of Central America"), made an effort to unify the provinces, even at the cost of his own life.

silver bullet Modern Honduras: 

Over the years, Honduras has been through a lot of military rule and more coups then the country knows what to do with. As Honduras opened up to other countries, it has been steadily influenced by them. The economy, sadly, still isn't up to par despite decades of exporting and trade and all the financial help Honduras receives from other countries. The divide between high class and middle is high and over the years, Honduras has become a little more unstable in its citizen's security as the presidency changes. Violence is very much active and with natural disasters, a useless government and corrupt polices, its a wonder people make it through everyday. But despite that, Honduras still perseveres and dreams of a brighter future.

For a more detailed and fuller version of Honduras's history (trust me I skipped a lot), I suggest you check these sources...

Source: Cultures of the World: Honduras by McGaffrey and Spilling 

Foreign Relations:

If any of you guys know anything more or have any other sources for any countries, PLEASE let me know~!

Flag of United States United States - 

Oh my gosh don't even get me started. Honduras and the United States go way back, like a few years after Honduras became its own official country. The interest was started when Italy discovered Honduras's bananas and went to sell them in the States. It was like the miracle of God had descended and America went banana crazy (which led for the world to get banana crazy and how Honduras got the name "Banana Republic"). Banana plantations were soon bought by US companies and they basically monopolized Honduras until the turn of the century. Like, the United States has had more influence on Honduras then any other nation. Not even Honduras's neighboring countries did much contact during that time. And not long after the United States entered World War II, they signed a lend lease agreement with Honduras. And did I also mention that America as SIX military bases in Honduras???

Like, there's so much more I could add but its WAY too long so I'm just going to put up a link so you guys can read if you want.


Flag of Canada Canada - 

Oh Canadia I cry for you. Canada and Honduras started relations officially in 1961, but Canada had interests in Honduras before then (who could resist the bananas??). Unfortunately, still being a part of England, there wasn't much Canada can do. But regardless, Canada and Honduras share a positive relationship. It had taken Honduras as one of its countries of focus for international development assistance and is the largest bilateral development program in Central America (as if that were a good thing). Recently Canada and Honduras have grown closer in relations as they both signed the Canada-Honduras FTA and apparently even more Canadians are coming over to visit Honduras (omfg why???).

Here's a much better explanation of their relations (incidentally I talk about why I ship them together as well V-V)

Much Better…

Flag of El Salvador  El Salvador - 

Alright, El Salvador and Honduras go WAY back, like around pre-colonial times. The Pipil Tribe that dominated the region of El Salvador, also called the Nahua, became swayed by the Mayan influence and thus the two cultures intermingled. Honduras has always felt close to El Salvador, wishing that it and the other Central American countries could become one. Though in 1969, the Football War soured their relations considerably after several factors came in. Even after that dark times, relations remained tense until gradually the years caught up with them and they both now share normal diplomatic and trade relations. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador make up the Northern Triangle Trio.


Flag of Guatemala Guatemala - 

Honduras and Guatemala have always had great relations, their interactions stemming and beginning from the Mayan Empire days. Despite a few border skirmishes, the two countries share positive diplomatic and trade relations, with Guatemala unusually optimistic towards its view of Honduras. Honduras still has hope that all of Central America will be united one day.


Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua - 

Nicaragua and Honduras have always had a solid relationship, though they've had their fair share of tense years as border and some marine time disputes went on, like bickering siblings. Both countries share the famous Mosquito Coast that still remains untamed and still attracts many tourists. But regardless of any conflicts they may have, Honduras still wishes for Nicaragua to become apart of the Integrated Central America of the future.


Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica -

Though Costa Rica and Honduas aren't really "close", they still have a good relationship now a days. But it hadn't always been that way. Following the years of Morzan's execution at the hands of the Costa Rican government, Honduras pretty much avoided having anything to do with Costa Rica for quite a while. Years passed of course, Honduras forgave Costa Rica for the slight and have started rebuilding their relations. Honduras still hopes Costa Rica won't be wishy-washy when it comes time to Integrate Central American officially.


Flag of Panama Panama - 

To be honest, the two countries aren't as close as Honduras is too Guatemala, El Salvador or Nicaragua, but they still have a positive relationship. Panama and Honduras have made contact with each other back during the Mayan Empire when the Mayans traveled to what was known as Panama to trade with the indigenous tribes there. But once Spain came and Panama became apart of Gran Colombia, contact between the two countries were almost non-existent. Today however, Honduras embraces Panama as a Central American compadre and gladly accepts its presence in the Integration of Central America to come in the future.


Flag of Belize Belize -

Belize considers Honduras as a country that they have always traditionally regarded as a good friend, a country with which they have very close relations with. Though their interactions in history have been very limited due to Belize's former "British Honduras" status as England's colony, today both Belize and Honduras share a good relationship. Honduras fully recognizes Belize's government and Belize is helping Honduras to build that future Central American Integration future.


Flag of Mexico Mexico - 

Honduras as always regarded Mexico as kind of an older sibling. They gladly became apart of the Mexican Empire before its fall, convincing the other Central American nations to join as well. Contact between the two nation were made since during the Mayan-Aztec days when the border lines were undefined and the people mingled a little more. Today, though not considered apart of Central America, Mexico has shown to lend a helping hand to Honduras every now and then.

Source: My head and several articles I read but am too lazy to post up, otl

 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan -

Honduras and Taiwan have very strong positive relations. Recently though, Taiwan had been panicking that Honduras wouldn't want to her their friend anymore since it decided to open ties with China but Honduras assures that she very much doesn't want to sever her ties with Taiwan.


Flag of China China -

Honduras has always been influenced by America so it was no surprise that they had refused diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. Recently though, Honduras has been made to open its ties for a more international setting. The government is even interested in furthering relations as it would benefit the economy. If Honduras were to forge relations with China officially, it would be the second Central American country to do so, Costa Rica breaking off its former relations with Taiwan for China instead.


Flag of Japan Japan -

This relation is a rather unusual one. Japan and Honduras began in Feburary in 1932. Though they are each other's allies, not much happens between those. In fact Honduras sometimes forgets she has a Japanese friend. Its only when official visits happen with Japan's top important and royal officials that Honduras remembers. Despite that though Japan is considered her second largest trading partner and it has even helped Honduras try to lower her high crime rate. Honduras, as its thanks, commemorated a stamp in honor of Japan.


Flag of India India -

Honduras very much wishes to further its ties with India and vice versa. India once attempted to forge relations, even throwing Honduras a fabulous Indian performance as a display of culture. Unfortunately, Honduras was very much still dangerous so India had to postpone its talk on relations with her. Still, Honduras is hopeful that they will deepen their ties in the future.


Flag of Netherlands Netherlands -

Netherlands claims that its diplomatic ties with Honduras are close but Honduras is not its country of focus so interaction between the two haven't been deepened. This could be blamed because of Honduras's violence. Still, the two are still positive toward each other and Netherlands even sent an a jade Mayan Jawbone to the Honduras Embassy.


Flag of Spain Spain - 

Though Spain was once Honduras' colonizer, both countries have a very "cordial" relationship with one another today. Ambassadors have occasionally visited Spain and Prince Philip was the latest to visit Honduras to re-establish their "cordiality".


Flag of Palestine Palestine

Honduras recognized the Palestine in 2011, which caused quite a scene when Isreal found out. Honduras has the largest Palestine community in Latin America, Chile being the first. The countries share a positive and friendly relations, seeing as Carlos Roberto Flores, was elected as the first President of Honduras of Palestine descent in 1998.


Flag of Russia Russia

Because of America's infleunce, Honduras had delayed its relations with Russia. After the USSR collapsed, Honduras recognized Russia and formed their relations. Not much has been done between the two but today, it has oppened its first ever Embassy in Moscow. Russia even claiming that the ties between the two nations had for decades been held back by what was called “legal stereotypes.” The two governments are hoping to strengthen its business contacts and promote tourism together.



Headcanons: TBA

Body Guide:

Honduras Body Guide by LKeiko

Hair/Facial Feature Guide: TBA


Honduras OC (c) LKeiko
Art (c) LKeiko
Flag/Map (c) Google
Template Layout (c) kamillyanna
Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaze
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